Office worker with simple life in a big city and hot climate

I'm 31 years old, a simple office worker in Bangkok, Thailand. My life style is quite simple, not very challenging. But.. the weather here is usually hot and humid. I feel sweat and uncomfortable that lead me to unconfident.

I found Jinni and decided to give it a try because firstly the packaging is clean and friendly. It is also cosmeceutical product and already done the tests by gynecologists of Lab Dermscan Asia as well.

I tested the serum on my inner arm and I like the absorption, no greasy. Light smell of vanilla which claimed as food grade flavour.

I applied the serum and feel that the absorption is good, no irritation at all. After use for few days, I started to feel fresh and comfortable. It helps eliminate unpleasant odors even on the very sweaty hot weather day. Love it and I will continue to use it for good.